Mission Statement Overview

Canadian New Energy Materials Corporation (Cnem), was formed on the technical basis of Canadian INCO Special Products. We are located in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada.

Through synergetic collaboration with international production partners, we aim to serve the energy, electronics, and powder metallurgy industries with specialty metal foam and powder products for today’s stringent product performance needs.

Canadian New Energy Materials Corporation covers:

    • Carbonyl nickel powders, carbonyl iron powders, ferronickel powders and derived composite materials. These can be utilized in batteries, fuel cell electrodes, powder metallurgy, special alloys, anti-seize lubricants, conducting additives, magnetorheological fluid (MR fluid), chemicals and catalysts.
    • Spherical metal powders such as stainless steel, Inconel, and stainless steel for additive manufacturing through our e-commerce platform 3D Powder Hub™. Canadian New Energy Materials Corporation
    • Metal foams by chemical vapor deposition and electroplating techniques as energy materials for NiMH and lithium-ion batteries, supercapacitor, electrolyzer, catalyst support, and water treatment media, etc.

We also offer trusted professional engineering services to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Through our platform, 3D Powder Hub™, we can provide many 3D services such as helping you connect to various 3D printing labs to print design models by various types of 3D printers such as SLS, FDM, and etc. We also specialize in 3D printing parameter optimization, 3D powder materials characterization, and more.